Paintings by Tim Bradford Gorse Cottage Gallery - paintings by Tim Bradford

Memory & dreams

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Art from the wild west of Ireland

My paintings are heavily influenced by Venezuelan folk art, Egyptian funerary portraits, Irish pubs and East Midlands skies. The majority of the works shown here are part of a fluid, open-ended exhibition-in-my-head entitled Once Upon A Time In The West Of Ireland - portraits of red haired 19th Century Irish women, sad and gnarled old men and gaudily etched West Clare landscapes. I work in acrylics and watercolours and inks.

My art is figurative yet contemporary and overlaps with folk art but with pop art references and looks like it's been painted by someone with a wang eye and dodgy fingers from playing too much sport and it's sort of saying 'look at me' but in an understated way and it takes me ages to finish each one.

Unless I do it really quickly.

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